Rules of Play

We ask you to have a peak at our rules of play before visiting our centre, these are put in place to ensure everyone has a fun safe and enjoyable experience at Smarty Pants.

Smarty Pants does not accept responsibility of the supervision of your children whilst within the premises, therefore all children must be supervised by a responsible adult/guardian at all times.

There will be loose objects on the floor please be mindful of your step whilst on the property

No food, drinks or chewing gum should be taken into the play space. No outside food including birthday cakes in our general sessions.

Play is restricted to your 90 minute session we have strict cleaning procedures in place and ask that you arrive on time for your session. Please arrive at your allocated time so all kids have the same experience when starting the session.

Customers who are unwell are must not to visit the centre for 48 hours (or until no longer contagious in the case of chicken pox, hand foot and mouth, covid 19 and other such infections)

For Health and safety reason, in the unlikely event of an accident or injury pleased report to a member of staff immediately

Please ensure that all Smarty Pants property is left in the centre.

Smarty Pants is not liable for any loss or damage to personal property during your visit

Tickets are non refundable however we are happy to transfer to another date if you give us 24hours notice.

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